• Samantha Jones


Updated: May 11, 2019

there’s something about a song that takes me back

i close my eyes and drift away

the movie reel dances against my lids

as the strings begin to play

i can almost smell the burning

notes of sage and sandalwood fill the room

wrapping her in warmth

and hugging her closely

but the wine I can taste

soft and fruity on her lips

velvety and smooth, it’s welcoming

just one more glass to still her shaking

and the carpet beneath her feet

i feel it as she paces

up and down, up and down

silencing the pleas that roil deep

she takes her last sip and i know too well

what once was sweet has been replaced

from the tears that stream down her cheeks

a salt streaked glass leaves a bitter taste

as the final chords come to an end

i reach for her hand and pull her in

hands over heart, i hold her still

until the beating of my own heart is all I feel

and just for a moment my eyes flicker open

a gentle reminder that i am here and now

breathing deep, i close them once more

just in time to catch her before the credits roll

my heart beats faster as i hug her close

bursting for the girl who didn’t know

offering grace and gifting her space

whispering truths for her to hold

it’s okay to cry, don’t be ashamed

the tears you shed will release the pain

watering the dirt where you stand

growing you; showing you strength holding your own hand

with a smile i look in the mirror

and share a secret with the younger me

all the versions of you that you’ve been

are proud of the woman you’ve grown to be

i can’t promise it will be easy,

but it will be worth it

the lies you once believed will shatter

you’ll find your voice deciding you matter

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